Retail Planner


The Retail Planner drives sales plan through a consistent focus on studying the business, monitoring inventory and sales performance, and providing analysis necessary to bring in new products to fit the needs of the customer. Track sales performance of existing products and assist in the determination of next steps; this includes developing in-season forecasts and future merchandise plans for a given gender / class. Work closely with Merchandising and Allocations, to optimize store assortments. Ensure that the merchandise financial targets are met including tracking and managing the open-to-buy sales and inventory.


Manage the OTB sales and inventory at gender/brand level and ensure that the merchandise targets will be met on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis Participate in weekly / monthly in-season forecast and OTB meetings Analyze historical data and current trends to identify risks and opportunities; compare sales data of the planned gender / category to company sales and provide action plans to reconcile deviations Partner with the Merchants to actively manage inventory levels by increasing and decreasing inventory, and/or cancelling orders On a monthly and quarterly basis, recap and report back on the sales and inventory results to plan, and LY, and forecast in-season sales and inventory Partner with DMM to maintain store clusters using velocity, capacity, geography by gender / category Review orders with in-store date 30 days out to identify any changes required. Prioritize key styles/categories for delivery. Ensure pre-allocations meet store/cluster targets
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Full Time
Los Angeles CA
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