Ecommerce Manager


We are looking for an entrepreneurial Ecommerce Manager to help grow our ecommerce business by leading site production and site calendar management, site merchandising, product delivery and replenishment, and customer service. This team member will also advise on product and styling objectives for shot lists to ensure assets are aligned to selling objectives. The ideal candidate should easily interpret and apply insights from customer journey data to optimize AOV and conversion, effectively manage complex projects with multiple stakeholders, delight in helping our customers with their inquiries, and be highly enthusiastic about ecommerce, fashion and the customer.

You will report to our Director of Ecommerce, closely engage with all members of our Digital Department, and be given the opportunity to share insights and recommendations with senior leadership and our CEO. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about how to grow a digital business, customer base, and brand. In addition, you will be working cross-functionally and have exposure to multiple facets of our fashion operation.

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Full Time
New York NY
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